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tv   Prime News  HLN  May 3, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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thanks to alert new yorkers and professional police officers, we avoided what could have been a very deadly event are. >> a failed terror attack in the heart of times square. an suv, loaded with bombmaking materials, found on the street. this hour, a would-be bomber is on the loose. a "prime news" alert. a new study says your obese kid is 60% more likely to be bull lid than other kids. it is time for parents to take urgent action. obesity will destroy your kid's physical and emotional health.
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a high school gym teacher caught on cell phone video, swiping cash from kids' lockers. and he admitted, he has been doing it for years. but now, the kid who film it had may get suspended. south carolina governor mark sanford just dodged a bullet. no criminal charges for traveling back and forth on taxpayers' money to cavort with his mistress, his soulmate. now, his ex-wife is picking up the pieces for herself and her four sons. >> get to a stage where you say, you know what, it is time for me to move on. >> my interview jenny sanford on betrayal and other sex scandals. controversy, opinion, your point of view. this is "prime news." >> a quick look at just a few of the stories we are working on right now welcome once again this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. all right. let's get right to it here, this just in. we have been covering it all weekend. hln law enforcement analyst mike
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brooks, he is with us, talking about the car bomb issue, in new york city, times square, what could have happened? it is frightening. law enforcement telling cnn, the nissan pathfinder, loaded with explosive materials, was sold on craigslist three weeks ago by a seller in connecticut. that's what we know a man in his late 20s, early 30s, bought the car for $1800, paid for it cash. no paperwork exchanged on that. also we are finding out, authorities looking for a man seen in this video right here, taking off his shirt, putting it in a bag, walking out of a view from inside the restaurant, near where the pathfinder was abandoned. he is not a suspect but obviously, police want to chat with him a lot of details to sort through here. joining us to talk about this i want to welcome in jeff steinrider for the "washington post," spy talk blog and also back with us, i mentioned, he has been on this all weekend, mike brooks, hln law enforcement analyst. mike, we will start with you. give you the latest on the
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investigation. investigators searching for whatever's responsible here. >> they are. we talk about craigslist all the time in other connotations but now, you know there is a possibility someone could have bought this car, someone did buy this car off of craigslist. mike, some people go, well it is unusual, no paperwork exchanged. not really. you know, if you are going to buy a car for cash, a lot of times it is not exchanged. now the tags on this car came from -- were on a car apparently in a junkyard in connecticut. so most likely, there is a contact in connecticut, hearing law enforcement maybe in connecticut talking now to somebody but, again, nobody has been named as a suspect. now, this guy who we have been looking at all day in this video right outside -- you know, right there on -- right off broadway between 44th and 45th, this guy we are looking at, you know is he involved in this? some people have been asking all day, why not look at everybody else? why not this particular guy? they are not saying, mike.
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as a former investigator and i was on the joint terrorism task force almost six years and i can tell you there is other information that they have that they are able to focus on this particular guy. we have been weight. they say there is other video. they are not saying exactly what it is. i hear that it's a better look at -- at the car, from a different angle but it has not yet been released by law enforcement. they say they are making significant progress. >> okay. and mike, there was a ton of cameras, what 80 clubs, could be over 100. >> oh. >> as you look as an investigator, does anything you see there alarm you, alert you? is he looking at the suv? is anything -- any behavior that tells you he is definitely someone i want to talk to? >> when you look at it it was a warm day he is taking that off, he is looking back toward where the suv was. and, you know this is this restaurant, it is junior's, right downtown, you know, known for the cheesecake. but that's -- it is a pretty clear picture, some people say, oh it is grainy.
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they can enhance those pictures, mining, so they can get more facial features. so you know, again there are so many leads going on right now that nypd and the fbi joint terrorism task force are following up on. i stay is not a matter of if but a matter of when. also, let's keep in mind the forensic that they can get from that vehicle, from what was inside the vehicle. the propane tank, the gasoline, the m-80s, that metal -- that metal box that they -- you can see them shooting, opening it up inside -- inside that vehicle when everything was going on with the nypd bomb squad. a lot of forensics. let's bring in jeff stein on this anything to add as far as we update this investigation? >> no mike's just about got t i would add only that i was talking to fbi -- former fbi officials who have headed bomb vexes before and they were saying, it is sort of a truism that every bombmaker has a signature. however if that bombmaker has carried out a number of bomb
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notice area, and we haven't had a lot of these here, so that is a bit of a limitation, i would just expand on what mike said also about the litter in the car. you know there might be a cell phone sim card in the glove compartment or a cigar wrapper dropped on the floor. there's -- that car is a cornucopia of possible leads to the bomber. and i expect the first stage of this is going to be wrapped up pretty quickly, who is the ultimate author of this bomb is another question altogether. >> mike, they will look at this everybody says, well, they got surveillance. going took march, 2008, there was a guy on a 10-speed bike that rolled up to the army recruiting station right there in times square, was caught on video surveillance camera are. they never caught him. the case is still open. >> that's right. >> so they are going to be taking this, comparing this to what they have left over from that particular case but there is a lot of evidence, you know, with these m-80s, were they commercially made, were they homemade? but the way this person -- the
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signature it is not a very good signature if our bombmaker with the way this particular device, this ied was put together. >> fertilizer that was nonexplosive, propane tanks that the valves were closed. so they wouldn't even have went off, like i'm sure whoever did this would have planned. quick on motive, guys, jeff, i will start with you. we have -- there has been speculation about it being parked by viacom, viacom owning comedy central, came out with a skit of the prophet mohammed. is that the prevailing theory, jeff or what are you hearing? >> there have been attacks, like in holland, because of a cartoon that was done, that is a possibility. i wrote sunday night, last night, that noted, as mike mentioned, the attack on the armed forces recruiting center this car wasn't parked that far away from that. so, that is a possible motive as well. everything is up in the air. the "washington post" is reporting this afternoon that white house officials have been handing out foreign involvement, but it was very vague. they said don't be surprised if
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we find a foreigner involved in this that might suggest they might have signals intelligence, say from the nsa, pointing them in that direction, but it would be odd that the officials would talk about that at this stage. >> maybe someone -- >> we don't know. it could be someone who is not american, but maybe might not have any terrorism ties but not really saying a whole lot right now, if i'm not mistaken, jeff. >> okay. that's right. >> appreciate it jeff, thanks, mike, you as well. coming up, an update on a story we have been following very closely, a middle school principal found dead in his home. now an arrest has been made. a "prime news" parent alert, a new study says your obese kid is 65% more likely to be bull lid than other kids. it is time for parents to take urgent action. obesity will destroy your kid's physical and emotional health. @@
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all right. this just into us here at "prime news," new information on a story we have been covering for you since its outset. we have two arrests there he is, brian best, very popular middle school principal in the washington, d.c. area found shot to death in his own home, april 15th two have been charged with first-degree murder a press conference is ongoing. let's go there now and get the latest. >> -- department and captain patty walker from -- the commander of our major crimes division. today, we've made several arrests in connection with the murder case involving brian bets.
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we have four people in custody. two of them have been charged with first-degree murder. we have a third individual who has not been formally charged yet, but we are anticipating will be charged with murder and then, the fourth person we have in custody is artura otay williams. we put information out about ms. williams earlier today. she was charged with two counts of knowingly receiving a stolen credit card with the intent to use it attempted theft under $1,000 in value and attempted fraudulent credit card use. this morning, we served four search warrants two in the district of columbia and two in prince georges county. as a result of those search warrants, we have, again, four people in custody. the first is alante saunders.
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he is 18 years old. we have no fixed address on mr. saunders. the second person we have in custody and has been charged with murder is sharif tao lancaster, also 18 years of old -- 18 years of ache. he live notice 5300 block of mr. lancaster is the son of a rtura williams, who is charged with the credit card theft. le third person we have in custed to is an 18-year-old male, not going to release his name right now because he has not been formally charged. as soon as we formally charge that individual, we will be releasing his name. as you all are aware, on thursday, april 15th, mr. betts was found deceased in his home in the 9300 block of columbia road in silver spring. two days later, on saturday, april 17th at 10:40 a.m., mr.
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betts' vehicle was found in southeast district of columbia. investigators learned that his vehicle was dropped there by two black males on friday, april 16th. during the course of our investigation, we learned that fingerprints belonging to sharif lancaster were found in mr. betts' home near the scene of his death. we also found fingerprints belonging to alante saunders on the exterior and interior of mr. betts' vehicle. further investigation has revealed that one or more of the suspects was connected with betts after mr. betts used a phone chat line. the specific reason for the meeting between the individuals
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has not yet been confirmed. while the motive of the crime is still being investigated, we believe that it was most likely going to be a robbery. >> you have been listening to a press conference, washington, d.c. area, as we have just been updated by authorities. four people in custody for the murder of broin betts, very popular middle school principal. we have been following, because this community really having a very difficult time. we have heard students talk after his death, april 15th, about how he was the father figure to them, a father that they never had. he was an inspirational figure to many of these young people and, again, they were just shocked when he was found shot to death in his own home april 15th. now we have four in custody, were arrested on first-degree murder charges and it's also, you know, heartbreaking again, when you see the ages of those accused. three 18 years old and one of
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the suspect moms involved as well, charged with knowingly being ready to use mr. betts' credit card, we believe. we are going to get you updated on this in full. mike brooks has been following this and take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln.
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gaue grmatains heyesy.rc g welcome back to "prime news" on hln. we are updating you on a story we have been following, a very popular middle school principal there he is, brian betts, found shot to death in his home april 15th. now four people in custody, two charged with first-degree murder. law enforcement analyst mike brooks back with us. you and i have been covering this since the outset. one thing we just found out there according to law enforcement that a phone -- a telephone chat line, possibly a sex chat line, could have been the way that mr. betts melt these individuals. >> right. >> and an angle you have been
6:20 pm
working on, right? >> and it is. because, mike, what sources were telling me, it was a possibility and because there was no forced entry. the door was opened when someone went to check on him. many times, meetings were set up over sites like this. and montgomery county chief was just saying, you have got to be careful, don't meet people eve earth internet and set up meetings with people you don't even know unfortunately, that is what it looks like happened here. mike, you pointed on right before we went to break, three 18-year-old men and one of them's mother is involved in this, a mother's son. he is charged with first-degree murder and a mother was using one of mr. betts' credit cards not that that are from his house. >> exactly. you go back to how they came to the arrest, good old-fashioned police work, mike, fingerprints in mr. betts' home and his vehicle. >> one on the scene, one inside and outside the vehicle, which says to me, mike, these two had
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already been in the system and that's where how they found their fingerprints. you got to have something to compare to. four search warrants two in prince georges county, maryland, two in washington, d.c. one done at an apartment blocks away from ewhe seen walking away from that car. so definitely was involved in -- someone nearby was involved in this case. >> again, four people in custody for the death, the murder of mr. brian betts, a very popular middle school principal in the washington, d.c. area. three of the four 18-year-olds, we have been pointing out, the fourth, a mother of one of those 18-year-olds. sad all the way around this community grieving the loss of a very popular man, inspirational figure in that community. mike, thanks again. coming up, areas devastateded by hurricane katrina five years ago slammed once again, now by a massive oil spill. coveringering up 2060 miles, threatening most of the gulf coast, threatening livelihoods of people there again, just getting back on their feet.
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln. how about this for amazing recovery? less than two weeks ago, rocker bret michaels was rushed to the hospital, bleeding in his brain, sounded pretty grim for michaels now doctors have great news. not only is the reality star expected to recover from his brain hemorrhage but he is expected to make a full recovery. the chief of surgery at st. joseph's hospital in phoenix called the singer's will to live undeniable. other doctors say there is a chance michaels could appear on the season finale of "celebrity apprenti apprentice" that takes place may
6:31 pm
23rd. amazing. best wishes go out to bret and his family as he continues to recover. great news on that front. now this a "prime news" parent alert, our kid's physical and emotional health areville at risk a new study by the university of michigan says kids who are obese are 65% more likely to be bullied than their pierce. i know what you're thinking no surprise, galanos, grown up, kid morse chubby likely to get picked on. nuances to pick out of this, not only help our kid bus wakeup call to par. >>s and teachers out there here is one of the new things we are learning no matter how good your kid's social skills are, if they are owe bess or overweight, they are still just as likely to be bullied. wakeup call again for all of us, do you azi we will take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln the number. talk this about this devon alexander, healthy chef who is overweight and has lost and maintained a 55-pound weight loss for the past 15 years, also
6:32 pm
author of the book, the biggest loser cookbook series and with us, dr. brenda wade, clinical kai cy come gist. devon, i will start with you, and start with number one, physical health for our kids. do you think parents get it, that there has got to be a sense of urgency with this issue or parents, like, my kid will grow out of it they will lean out? what is your take as you work with parents and kids out there? >> i think most parents don't quite get it yet. they don't seem to realize that small changes can make the hugest difference. all they have to do is take their kids out and play with them. tonight make it a big issue. the same thing with cooking. if you cook as a family, amazing how quick the cooking goes and setting yourself up for a lifetime of healthy habits instead of relying in restaurants they put extra fat and salt in the food. >> how important is it dealing with kids who may be overweight you don't make that the issue,
6:33 pm
you have to spin the mindset in the way we eat instead of focusing on how much weight they need to lose? >> it is so important. if you never say the word weight in front of your kids, you are doing a great job. literally, you know, go out and play with them, just grab them and say hey, let's learn this. also, making sure that they are passionate about something, because kids who are on a mission don't tend to sit around doing nothing or veg watching television f they love dancing or so excited about art, they are at least drawing instead of just munching in front of the television. >> yeah. one stat from "usa today" a third of all kids in the u.s. are overweight. that's just -- calls us all to a sense of you are general cism brenda, let me ask you, did it surprise you when you heard, no matter the social skills, phone a kid was confident, felt good about himself or herself, still just as likely to get bullied? >> doesn't surprise me at all because we do have this idea embedded in our mind that everyone should meet a certain norm. if you don't meet the norm and you are somehow different, whether it is your weight, your
6:34 pm
color, your accent, where you come from, we have a tendency to see the other as bad and as threaten willing we have a tendency to want to punish the other. one of the most important things parents can do is celebrate differences and teach kids that those kids that look different or in some ways seem different are still human beings with feelings that need to be respected and the way you teach that is by respecting your own feeling as a parent and talking about them. you model that for your children but you talk to your children about their feelings. the research shows that those parents who talk to their children about ideas and share feelings are much less likely to have children who become bullies. >> i think that was one of the great points. that someone of those nuances we are pulling out of this study, that the adults are the ones modeling or can mold. when they see someone who is overweight, don't make a comment, don't give it the green light because if they make the comment, the kids are thinking, okay, they are different, think
6:35 pm
we can all jump in on this and i think that's just really been engrained for way too long. get a call n regina is with us from tennessee. hey, regina, go ahead >> caller: hi, yeah, mike, listen it is a no-brainer that we need to help our kids be obese but i'm right on the line with brenda wade. and my point is the schools need to be online with her. there is no excuse for bullying and we don't need to wait until it turns into a crime. the kids need to be taught in the schools as well as at home. >> so true. >> so glad regina called n. >> we have to teach compassion. we have to teach compassion. >> oh, mike, thank you for saying that because the tendency in the schools is to be punitive, to be retributive, we will punish the bullies. how about preventing bull sflig children are little recording devices, they are going to do what they see and what they hear, so we as parents and as
6:36 pm
teachers have to show them, as you just said what compassion looks like and our children, i just have to say this our children need more love. love isn't just saying "i love you." love is a set of behaviors that consistently over time show a child that they are valled. those kids who are obese are also depressed, they feel sad, they feel lonely and they feel angry. so they can flip the switch and they can become bullies, too. >> okay, brenda, devon, guys, thanks so much. love to have you back, whether it is bullying, weight loss with kids, something we have to have a sense of urgency on. guys, thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up, celebrating a here rocker meet a man born without arms, yet it is his life's mission to find a job so he can continue to take care of his brothers and sisters. all of them have special needs. >> driving for me was really
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like to celebrate the good here on "prime news," highlight stories of heroes trying to make a difference. we have one here. andre rivera lives in the las vegas area, just found out, just trying to find a job to support his family, but he has a unique challenge. take a listen. >> driving for me was really easy. you know, i eat, work, all with my toes, tie type with my toes, pick things up with my toes. i don't have to bend over, i just pick it up with my foot. >> he was an overcomer, a russian orphan born without
6:41 pm
arms. his parents recently died ever since and been taking care of their siblings who all have their own special challenges. the real hero joins us now, andre rivera. andre, first off, we were just talking in the break there looking for a job so you can better support your siblings. you found one, huh? what happened? >> yes, i found a job with a cable company called cox communications. i start may 17th and part of the reason i got the job is because of the public exposure, such as today. so, yeah, i'm ecstatic, i'm happy. i can't believe i landed one and it's good. it's a good -- it's a good feeling. it's a good outcome. great to see the smile on your face. being a part of this, the tv industry myself, great that when a story like yours is out there and something good like this something so tangible, a job out of us, better care for your
6:42 pm
siblings, let's back track now. your parents died so it's up to you now to take of your siblings. did you ever doubt you could do this or think, oh, man, i'm going to need help here? how does it unfold for you? >> oh, i had no doubts. i knew that i would get help. as a matter of fact, i worked with many organizations. right now, i'm working with both rehab organizations and my counselor, joan rocknell and bob nichols both helped me. i mean, i have a service out there for myself, for people like myself and it's a tremendous, tremendous help. and it's -- i thank god every day that there's an organization like them. >> you know, and andrei, i love you don't see yourself as disabled but what is the term you use acres daptive? adaptive? >> yes, adaptive, a person that thinks outside the box. you know, i -- that's how --
6:43 pm
that's been my whole life and, you know, i'm not afraid to say it it's just the way i am. that's -- that's my compensation for not having, you know, a set of arms. >> well, i'm sure it's your hopeful spirit and you just seem like -- there's no limit to what you can do with your life and it's just been a pleasure to meet you. we wish you and your family the best, we thank you so much. we appreciate your time. >> not a problem. thank you. >> thanks again. all right, decision is in for south carolina governor mark sanford who lied about a hiking trip. remember the appalachian trail? ended up seeing his ar swren ge lover? no criminal charges for mark sanford tore traveling back and forth on taxpayers' money to cavort with his mistress, his soulmate. now, his ex-wife is picking up the pieces for herself and their four sons. >> you say it matters more than this marriage and time to move
6:44 pm
on. >> my interview with jenny sanford on betrayal and other sex scandals. when i grow up, i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to work with kids. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at
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south carolina governor mark sanford sex scandal, the one with the mistress from argentina, cost him his wife, and reputation, we find out today it won't lead to criminal
6:47 pm
charges. last summer, we found out governor sanford was hiking the appalachian trail, there was an investigation whether campaign money, state money was used to take those secret trips to argentin argentina. turns out no criminal wrongdoing for the governor. so how about how he wronged his wife and four boys? the betrayal? friday, aid chance to sit down with his ex-wife, jenny sanford to talk about how she came out of this stronger for her and her four sons. author of the book staying true. here is my conversation with jenny sanford. the book opened as a best searle, you are dating again, correct? >> yes. >> what was that like to think after a 20-year marriage, like, oh, wow, what is going on here? how do you get to this place? >> do you know, it's funny, i told my boys, i said, when the divorce is final, i'm going to start dating. i'm not going to date a lot, i think if you don't date, you don't get out and you don't create a new life. next thing you know, i'm dating one guy and so far so good. >> how much it was with the
6:48 pm
whole world watching for it to be so public? >> there are bless eggs and curses to both. the one hand, when you are living a private nightmare as so many other women do when they face these kind of circumstances, you know, you feel this -- you feet same, you feel troubled, you are in this emotional up and down roller coaster, things don't really fit right ain your world but you have to have a smile. the flip side, once it is public, everybody actually expects me to be, you know, like road kill on the ground. when you are smiling they give you a thumbs up. i don't know, there are blessings and curses with both. i played for a long time, please wake mark up, this is before he went to argentina and when he came back, please wake him up. and there was a time, okay, i'm listening, he is not going to wake up. it was clear to me mark had become somebody very disconnected from the mark sanford i had known and that was very hard to stomach. >> through this, it seemed -- didn't seem, it was reality.
6:49 pm
your family was number one. i want to listen to a brief south bite, coming to a head, the world is finding out, here comes the media, crowding around the suv, watch that how you react, and i told you, you were on off fence. odd message, it was family number one. let's listen. get your reaction coming out of it. >> i know i'm going to be fine. not only survive, i will thrive. i don't know whether he will be with me -- >> do you think he will resign? >> i believe in marriage and believe in raising good kids the most important thing in the world. >> his career obviously is that. >> his career is not a concern of mine. he is going to have to worry about that, i'm worried about my family and the character of my children. >> wow. seeing that now what are your thoughts? >> i stand by it today. there are lots of ways you can leave a mark in this world but the character of your children is one of the most important things because they go on and raise your grandchildren. >> it difficult for you to see that picture of obviously a much different time? you couldn't be more proud, your sons lined up in order, your
6:50 pm
sons standing there, hand on the bible there you are, about to become the first lady of the state what are your thoughts as you look at that? >> like at the whole situation with some sadness for the choices mark made. and those are choices that are, as i say to my boys, it is sad, we grieve a little bit and then we move on. >> the sin of the father, they see this, they have seen this play out and they sound like great kids and you've done everything you can and will continue to do so to make sure they don't follow this at all. are you concerned about that? >> absolutely. >> what teach having you given them? >> absolutely. i say to them, i hope that the end result is that they will be better husbands and better fathers because of it. and they won't get so consumed by their job, for example, or by the stresses in their own life that they do this to their own families. my guess is they'll get the right message. >> the press conference, when it first came out, i see you roll your eyes now and i think everybody did -- >> it is painful to watch that press conference over and over again. >> we won't show a lot. >> that's all right. >> we'll show a clip of this.
6:51 pm
>> the bottom line is this, i've been unfaithful to my wife, i developed a relationship with a -- what started as a dear, dear friend, from argentina. about a year ago, it sparked into something more than that. i have seen her three times since then. during that whole sparking thing. >> this is clearly a guy that is lost. he's not somebody that -- this is somebody who i felt at a certain point in time i could predict what was going to come out of his life, having been so involved in his campaign and such and everything that came out of his mouth, i didn't know who this person was. >> more of my conversation with jenny sanford and she's talking -- when we come back, about other sex scandals. what about -- what about what elizabeth edwards is going through, any advice for sandra bullock, what about the mistresses from tiger woods to her husband's ex-lover? >> i don't know whether it says something about the mistresses or our society. [ wheezing ]
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